The Bravery of Dora

0.0分 1912/美国/短片,西部
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主演:Earl Metcalfe Edna Payne E.J. Phillips 

Plot Summary:Dora Miller and her father together with Juan, a young half-breed, live peacefully at their ranch along the Rio Grande. Juan is in love with Dora and she is not averse to him. One morning while the little family is seated at breakfast, shots are heard outside. A party of U.S. soldiers has been attacked by Mexican troops and retreating as they fight, finally taking refuge in the Miller homestead. The doors and windows are barricaded and a sharp fight ensues. Juan, the half-breed, refuses at first to fire against the people whose blood runs in his veins, but at last infuriated by the sight of a wound received by Dora, he grabs the rifle and begins firing furiously. He is thus engaged as the Mexican troops break into the house and is captured by them and locked in an upstairs room. The commanding officer of the Mexican forces promises to shoot Juan the next morning. That night, however, Dora manages to get into the room where Juan is confined and smuggles to him a rope with which he escapes. The next morning, the Mexican officer sends for Juan to carry out his threat of shooting him and much to the surprise of the guard when the room is opened, out steps Dora. Furious at the escape of his victim, the Mexican promptly arrests Dora's father and tells her that should her half-breed lover not return by afternoon, the father will take his place in front of a firing squad. In the meantime, Juan is hastening at breakneck speed on a horse taken from the Mexicans, to secure aid. Arriving at the camp of an American patrol, he gets the sergeant in charge to accompany him and with the entire troop of cavalry rushes back to the Miller homestead, arriving just in time to prevent the execution of the old man by the Mexicans.





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